Intersectionality: Manuscript Workshop (10 Weeks) September 10-November 12 TUESDAYS 1-3PM (HST)


Dates: September 10-November 12 TUESDAYS 

Time: 1-3PM (HST)

10% off for previously enrolled students and those from the state of Hawai’i. Partial scholarships and payment plans available. Contact Stephanie Han.

Limited enrollment and by instructor permission only. Texts TBA.

The goal of this multi-genre workshop is to work towards the completion of a manuscript with the support of women who believe in your journey as a writer. This workshop honors your voice and is a place to receive feedback for the narrative that only you can write, the story (ies) that you are meant to tell.  Your project may be a book of essays, short stories, or a longer work-in-progress.  With helpful comments and the polishing of craft skills, you will write to the best of your ability. Your story is significant, and you and your peers agree to help each other write emotional truths on the page—fiction or non-fiction. While there will be assigned texts (TBA), there is no writing during class time.

In addition to workshop, all writers have one-on-one arranged meetings. 

Workshop requires instructor approval. Please contact Dr. Stephanie Han ( about submitting a writing sample and scheduling a brief interview.




  • BEHIND YOU IS THE SEA by Susan Muaddi Darraj
  • DREAM ELEVATOR by Marisa Lin
  • LOCAL: A MEMOIR by Jessica Machado


  • EVERY DROP IS A MAN’S NIGHTMARE by Megan Kamalei Kakimoto
  • YELLOWFACE by R.F. Kuang


  • HEART BERRIES by Terese Marie Mailhot
  • WE NEED NEW NAMES by NoViolet Bulawayo
  • SECONDHAND NAMES by Katherine Min


  • TASTES LIKE WAR by Grace M. Cho
  • BRIDE OF THE SEA by Eman Quotah


  • MANUAL FOR A DECENT LIFE by Kavita A. Jindal
  • SING, UNBURIED, SING by Jesmyn Ward


  • HOMEGOING by Toni Ann Johnson
  • IN THE DREAM HOUSE by Carmen Machado

GUEST: Caroline Kim


  • THE MANGO BRIDE by Marivi Soliven Blanco
  • WE HEREBY REFUSE by Tamiko Nimura and Frank Abe; artwork by Ross Ishikawa and Matt Sasaki
  • HEART RADICAL by Anne Liu Kellor

GUESTS: Marivi Soliven Blanco, Tamiko Nimura, Anne Liu Kellor


  • THE BODY PAPERS by Grace Talusan
  • WILLOW WEEP FOR ME by Meri Nana-Ama Danquah
  • A CURIOUS LAND by Susan Muaddi Darraj

GUESTS: Grace Talusan and Susan Muaddi Darraj


  • WHAT WE CARRY by Maya Shanbhag Lang
  • DECEIT AND OTHER POSSIBILITIES (Counterpoint Press edition) by Vanessa Hua 
  • ATLAS OF REDS AND BLUES by Devi S. Laskar

GUESTS: Vanessa Hua, Devi S. Laskar, Maya Shanbhag Lang


  1. Lilly U. Nguyen

    This class gave me the strength and courage to step onto the page without reservation, without fear. This class helped to quell that vicious inner critic. I loved sharing my drafts with other fellow WOC writers. I loved reading and sharing at this raw and unrefined stage. Dr. Han does a wonderful job of creating a warm and safe environment for all of us to share and I have made friendships that I hope to sustain me through my writing life. The course gets into the nitty gritty of craft and structure and the difficutl challenges of keeping a regular writing practice. I will be taking this course again.

  2. Carol Moeller

    I just completed the spring 2021 version of Stephanie Han’s Intersectionality: Manuscript Workshop – the second of many, as I found Steph’s workshops to be magical – empowering, community-building, writing in solidarity, learning, breakthrough, creative spaces. Impossible to explain – you must experience these yourself. Stephanie Han values women’s voices with every fiber of her being. In each workshop, we were writing across genres, with different levels of experience and confidence. Yet I easily found a home in each workshop, lifted to new levels of writing. Steph values our writing and helped us move it forward. I saw great growth in my writing and in myself as a writer, and in my fellow writers. Deep. Priceless.

  3. Grace

    Stephanie really meets each individual woman in this workshop in their own place in their writing career and manuscript. This workshop was such a supportive and empowering experience, and I think a lot of that had to do with the tone she sets as the teacher. I truly benefitted from her insights and encouragement!

  4. Catherine A. John

    This was an excellent course. I am an academic who has mostly done other styles of writing. This was my second straight course in a row with Dr. Stephanie Han. What did I like about the course? It was intimate. The rules of engagement were clear. She stuck to the rules of engagement which created respect and trust amongst the participants, even those of us who had no previous experience or knowledge of each other. She is both encouraging and gives strong suggestions for improvement without being either patronizing or strident. This helps those of us who are new writers, writing about personal and sensitive material. I am hoping to take other classes with her in the future.

  5. Leslie Portela

    Stephanie Han is a game-changer – I have taken two of her classes and my writing has improved and is more consistent. Unlike other writing workshops and programs, Han focuses on both the craft of writing and READING like a writer. The latter proves invaluable to a writer. I highly recommend Han’s Classes.

  6. sujatha raman

    I was part of the Spring cohort 2021 of this workshop which quickly became the highlight of my week. It was a wonderful, creative kipuka in my landscape of work and personal obligations and nourished me for the rest of the week. It also emboldened me to think of myself as a writer and to take my writing seriously. Stephanie is very encouraging, down to earth and caring. She and the participants gave me feedback that is still useful and which have influenced the shape and structure of my stories.

  7. Helen Lee

    I have taken this workshop three times so far, and it has been an invaluable resource. It’s opened a vital space for me in which I can work on my craft and trust that I will get sharp, insightful feedback from fellow writers who are all extremely talented. In addition, I get to read and critique their work which helps sharpen my own skills as a reader (and indirectly as a writer); also, the workshop creates/provides a supportive community and network of like-minded individuals which I feel is especially important when the work itself can be very solitary. Lastly, Steph is a great workshop leader with a wide breadth of knowledge about the world of writing, the craft as well as the business side. I appreciate her introducing us to books and BIPOC writers whom I never would have heard about on my own, and I find her emphasis on the importance of women writing potent and inspiring. I also appreciate that she makes herself accessible when we need her help and is committed to our development as writers. If you are serious about writing and are looking for support, I couldn’t recommend this workshop enough. Personally, I plan to continue taking it until I am finished with my project!

  8. Jinny Huh

    I have just completed three of Stephanie’s Intersectionality workshops. It was truly a wonderful space and community to begin my journey with creative nonfiction. As an academic, I am used to a certain type of writing. Stephanie’s workshop helped me see the value in believing in my own voice and story. If you are looking for a safe and intimate community to work through your story, I highly recommend this workshop!

  9. Catherine A John

    I have now taken six of these classes with Stephanie Han. They are excellent for several reasons: 1) the small group intimacy 2) the privileging of a woman-centered space -which helped with feeling free to write about sensitive and vulnerable topics 3) the way she manages the workshopping of each piece was structured systematic and respectful. 4) Taking more than one workshop allowed me to see the growth in my own writing. 5) In a mere three years I drafted a full manuscript exclusively from taking her classes. TAKE THIS CLASS!

  10. Shaheen Sheik-Sadhal

    Stephanie Han is a revolutionary. She holds space for women to develop as writers and keeps our momentum going to get our stories down on the page and out in the world. What a safe, dynamic, inspiring home she’s made to cultivate talent and narratives. I have already done 4 courses with her and I’ll keep going until I finish my project.

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