grateful, I am

I don’t always fill out the ole Panda Journal, but I like to kick off my day with a bit of thinking about the good stuff. I got these Panda journals for myself and The Kid. For a minute we both did them. I’d say, “Hey, let’s Panda this morning.” But now, alas, it’s just me. Anyway, I realize I had done self-talk like this on and off during my life. But what divorce taught me was that there’s a lot to be grateful for. I will always remember the ways that people helped out and remain very grateful for this.

You are burning to the ground when you divorce–your entire life turns to ash. You cannot do anything about this destruction emotionally, in the sense that you have to accept this death of who you were.

What I learned is that you can rebuild and you do this by thinking about what’s great in life. I’ll be honest. It’s pretty easy to be thankful where I live now, even if I am aware that yes, this is the place with the highest cost of living and the lowest wages.

Because I wake up thinking the air I breathe is CLEAN. The water is CLEAN. If you think that’s ridiculous you never lived in a polluted place before! Those two things are enough to get me started. Be grateful and thankful. It can shift your mood. Try it!


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Dear Stephanie, I read your words, and you get you. It’s great to live in a a place with CLEAN water and CLEAN air and people that are at least trying to be real. I also think about divorce sometimes. Of course, my situation is different, but I think about leaving the past behind, but don’t we do that every day?

YES. I think that everyone thinks about starting over again, leaving it all behind. This is an honest way of how we perceive time and life and I am impressed by your candor. No matter what, how joyful, however we negotiate in the world, we question the choices and paths that have led us to our current state. It’s that state between thinking of ourselves as in charge of our fates, or subjected to the prevarications of the gods that causes us to sometimes think–hmmm wait a sec, what if, what if… And. yes, CLEAN AIR and CLEAN WATER are so key now. Years ago a student from Beijing told me, clean air is a human right. I hadn’t looked at it that way, but if you can’t breathe–it is hard to justify what else there is…

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